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A quality website and strategic digital marketing plan are more important than ever.

For almost all of us, COVID-19 has changed how we do business. Real estate agents have had to adapt to continue getting leads, meeting with clients, and showing homes. A strong digital presence is more crucial than ever for agents no longer able to meet their target market in person. Whether we’ll return fully to our previously “normal” way of doing business is uncertain— but we can be certain that a strong digital presence will remain invaluable to your business. More than ever, it’s imperative that real estate agents prioritize their online presence. 

You Need a Quality Website

As a real estate business, your website is how you present to the world. This was true long before the pandemic — your site is where potential buyers and sellers can learn about your team, view your listings, and get in touch with you. The pandemic made this presence even more important. The majority of those interested in buying or selling real estate look online first, either to view listings or to identify agents to work with. Real estate marketing services focus on drawing potential sellers and buyers to your site, to learn more or to connect with your team. You want people looking for real estate services to get in touch with you — you encourage this with a site that’s user-friendly, attractive, and informative. If this does not describe your site, it’s time to make some changes. 

Virtual meetings and showings

Real estate agents have been using social media platforms for virtual previews and showings of homes since before the pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s become common practice. Agents can now simulate open houses and appointment walkthroughs using Facebook, Instagram, and their website. They can meet with clients remotely to discuss transactions. Agents have to be familiar with Zoom, FaceTime and other technologies to stay relevant and to support their clients.

Effective real estate marketing services are essential to drive traffic to agents’ pages on social media. Agents who invest in Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns will be more attractive to potential buyers who turn to these platforms for information. It’s important to invest in SEO services to increase traffic, because most people searching for homes or real estate agents will click on the first result that appears on Google.

Video and quality images are important

45 percent of those who bought homes in 2021 did so without ever seeing them in person. Experts attribute this to the pandemic, the resulting work-at home policies and the record-low mortgage interest rate.

Video and images of high quality can make a property stand out from the rest. A professional videographer and photographer can help you show your homes to the best of their potential. These videos and images can be used on social media as well as your website, to educate and motivate potential buyers.

SEO and Social Media are the new Networking

Prior to the pandemic, real estate agents often met potential clients and built relationships with other professionals in the industry through industry functions and networking events. The number of people attending in-person events has decreased dramatically, and networking has changed. Agents with strong social media presences and real estate marketing services (including SEO optimization) are dominating the market. They stay visible and reach new people.

Social media is a powerful tool for agents to understand the needs of their clients and offer value instead of simply showing homes. Realtors can become more than salespeople by sharing market updates, providing information about the community and offering recommendations for local restaurants or delivery services. With fewer opportunities to establish relationships in person, they need to focus on social media.

You won’t be able to compete with agents who embrace COVID-19’s changes if you’re not comfortable with or willing to use technology and social media. If this is the case, consider hiring a company to help you get started or a coach to teach you how.

A strong real estate agent website and digital marketing strategy for your real estate company are essential to your success as a professional agent. RE Digital can help you succeed in today’s changing environment, instead of getting left behind.